Long Distance Towing in Monson

If you are moving cross-country and need to transfer your vehicle to a different city, we provide safe and reliable long-distance towing services to handle all of your towing needs. For an affordable price, we can deliver your vehicle to your home and guarantee your vehicle’s safety every step of the way. Call us now at (413) 284-7429 and obtain an obligation free quote.

BT & Sons Towing & Recovery Inc.’s Trusted Fleet

We are able to deliver high-quality long-distance car towing thanks to our large fleet of flatbed tow trucks and certified towing operators. Our tow trucks are specifically designed to safely carry and transport all types of vehicles over long distances. As a respected and reputable long-distance towing company, we pride ourselves on offering a positive customer experience to all our clients.

Your Top Choice for Long-Distance Towing Services

We use innovative flatbed towing methods to securely mount your vehicle onto our flatbed trucks. We have all the necessary manpower and equipment to ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination at the requested time without a scratch.

Our team is experienced in providing a customized type of service according to the type of vehicle you have. Our friendly drivers handle all types of towing needs, including but not limited to the below:

  • Special vehicles: vintage, luxury, classic cars
  • SUVs, trucks, mini vans
  • Heavy duty vehicle towing
  • Boats and trailers
  • Motorcycle towing

Cross-Country Car Towing Made Easy


We know that you need to be able to count on us at all times, even in times of roadside emergencies. When your car has broken down, you need to be able to trust your local towing company to get you quickly back on the road. Our mobile team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can get the help you need when you need it most.


Flatbed towing is the preferred and often the only option for safely transporting vehicles. If your vehicle is all wheel drive, has an automatic transmission or if it requires special handling such as a vintage or luxury car would need, flatbed towing is the only service that can get the job done right. Our team is here to protect your vehicle at all times.


We only use specialized equipment and machinery that are suitable for the job. Our flatbeds are designed to accommodate and securely fasten all types of vehicles, whether you have an oversize and heavy vehicle or a light motorcycle. Our towing experts consider the weight, size, and individual requirements of your vehicle to recommend the most appropriate towing service and method.

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We strive to provide our customers with the best service possible without breaking the bank. We offer an all-inclusive service with transparent and fair prices. We only charge for the service provided, and we always provide a customized quote, so you know what to expect.

Contact us now so that our experts can help you get back on the road.